Anna Nicole, the founder/owner and sole operator (with the help of her mom) is a black woman of color, raised in Los Angeles. As a serial entrepreneur she has had a few businesses, ranging from a plus size fashion line she started after graduating from fashion school in 2003, and a cosmetics line Nicolet Beauty that ended in early 2019. After 4 years in the beauty world she decided that the fashion industry is where she was meant to be. So, she launched NACELO (Nah-Sell-o) in October 2018 (a name created from the letters in her first and middle name) and went back to follow her passion from years ago that never died. Welcome to NACELO, an online fashion boutique. Currently carrying women's handbags and accessories.  We have recently added a small assortment of plus size apparel, many more items of her own plus size designs to be added soon!
At NACELO, we strive to make it affordable for you to accessorize your own unique classic style. We believe you deserve to look like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks.  A lot of times, how you look on the outside can affect how you feel about yourself on the inside. Whether you are the trendsetter, the hustler, the life of the party, the wanderlust, or the social media maven, you’ll be sure to find something in our shop that suits your taste - as you take the lead in your own classy life. All of our NAČELO ladies are one-of-a-kind, though they have one thing in common, they share our motto “Class never goes out of style”.
"NACELO style" represents the woman who is timeless, classic, and always a lady. Our customer is the CEO of her own life, defined by her own standards, morality and core values. NACELO is owned and operated in Los Angeles, CA. We are dedicated to offering unique, timeless pieces... with some new trends that appeal to the classic woman. The best thing about being online is that we can be open for business 24/7. We look forward to serving you!
Thank you so much for taking the time to let us introduce ourselves to you.